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The New Stinger-308 Muzzle Brake 7.62 / .308 - Standard 5/8 X 24 Thread - Muzzle Brakes - Matador Arms Corp - Colonel Mustard



Brand new from Matador Arms: The new Stinger-308 - a versatile two-component muzzle blast diverter - one of a range of four made-in-Canada Stinger muzzle brakes (that have a removable shield/shell) designed to fit four different sets of firearms:
• 1/2" x 28 Thread Pitch, designed for 5.56 / .223 - fits AR-15, M4, M16, etc.
• 5/8" x 24 Thread Pitch, designed for 7.62 / .308 - fits AR-10, etc.
Brand New: 1/2" x 28 Thread Pitch - 9mm - fits JRC, etc.
Brand New: 1/2" x 36 Thread Pitch - 9mm - fits AR-15 in 9mm, etc.
The Stinger-308 has all the benefits of a traditional muzzle brake 'core' with the option to add the 'shell' which directs muzzle blast and noise away from the shooter and others nearby.
The core / blast shield is slim enough (32mm) to fit inside most AR-10 handguards!
• Screws onto standard 5/8" x 24 threaded barrels (with .308 / 7.62mm bore)
• Muzzle brake core has three chambers with 9 ports that direct the exiting propellant gasses upwards and to both sides to reduce muzzle climb and felt recoil - allowing for extremely fast follow-up shots
• There are no open ports on the bottom of the muzzle brake core - this will reduce the dust signature when firing prone without the shell
• Muzzle brake shell forces the majority of gases forward, away from the shooter - reducing muzzle blast and noise
• CNC machined 4140 steel construction with smooth black Nitrate coating
• Crush washer included
• 100% Canadian made
• Overall Length: 60mm (2.4") - excluding crush washer
• Overall Width: 32mm (1.26")
• Weight: 222g (7.8 oz.) - Core, shell and crush washer combined

Model: Matador Arms MACTNS308 (MAC591)


Spare crush washers here and spare jam nuts here are available.

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