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The Hammerhead Sks Muzzle Brake - Pin-On - Muzzle Brakes - Matador Arms Corp - Colonel Mustard



Who hasn't been waiting for this? A quality muzzle brake for the SKS that's easy to fit, doesn't wobble around, looks great and actually works effectively! If we tell you it's made in Canada and it's less than $60, you may not believe it...
Well, it's true and Colonel Mustard has stock!
New from Matador Arms: The Hammerhead - a range of seven screw-on and one pin-on, made-in-Canada, muzzle brakes designed to fit eight different sets of firearms:
• 1/2" x 28 Thread Pitch, designed for 5.56 / .223 - fits AR-15, M4, M16, etc.
• 5/8" x 24 Thread Pitch, designed for 7.62 / .308 - fits AR-10, etc.
• M14 x 1, designed for 7.62 - fits VZ-58, CZ-858, etc.
• M15 x 0.75, designed for 7.62 - fits Norinco M-305
• SKS - pin-on, fits all SKS models except M59/66
• New: 1/2" x 28 Thread Pitch - 9mm - fits JRC, etc.
• New: 1/2" x 36 Thread Pitch - 9mm - fits AR-15 in 9mm, etc.
Brand New: 5/8" x 24 Thread Pitch - 6.5 Creedmoor - specifically designed for rifles in 6.5 Creedmoor, most of which use this thread pattern.
Beautifully designed, manufactured and finished, these lightweight and slim muzzle brakes will complement any platform with performance that matches the great looks - all with unbelievable value for money!

• Pins onto the barrel of your SKS - no threading required!
• Muzzle brake has two chambers with 6 ports, plus a concave muzzle, that direct the exiting propellant gasses upwards and to both sides to reduce muzzle climb and felt recoil - allowing for extremely fast follow-up shots
• There are no open ports on the bottom of the muzzle brake - this will reduce the dust signature when firing prone
• CNC machined 4140 steel construction with smooth black Nitrate coating
• This application uses a pin to secure the brake (included and just replaces your standard front sight pin) and then has two locking screws (also included) to centralise the brake because of the variations in barrel diameter
• 100% Canadian made
• Overall Length: 58mm
• Width: 0.83"
• Weight: TBA - Muzzle brake with pin and locking screws

Model: Matador Arms MACTHSKS (MAC546)


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