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Sven-Saw 15 Folding Wood Saw - Outdoor Equipment - Sven-Saw - Colonel Mustard



From the first time you use it, you'll appreciate the durability and light weight of the special anodized high strength aluminum alloy frame
... and how comfortably it fits your hand.

When not in use the blade is folded safely away in the frame as protection for yourself, your family, and your other equipment!

Carry the Sven-Saw on your next outing: camping, scouting, canoe trips, backpacking, hunting, snowmobiling.
Also great for home, garden, and car!

Sven-Saw Features:

HANDLING - No corners on the tubular handle, which has a red anodized finish and extends below the blade to provide an alternative grip.
RUGGED - Triangular design provides the most rigid frame.
LIGHTWEIGHT - Weighs less than a pound.
BLADE - Imported Swedish steel blade
FAST - Rips through a six-inch log in about a minute.
SAFE - When not in use the blade folds into the handle, which serves as a protective sheath.
  • Model 15UL-3 The 15" long SVEN-SAW blade folds to a compact 17" x 1 3/4" X 5/8".


Made in USA

Weight: 312g

Two sizes of saw available - 15" and 21" with spare blades available for both sizes

Model: 15UL-3