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Sks Muzzle Brake - Short Pin-On - Muzzle Brakes - Ncstar - Colonel Mustard



As of Autumn/Fall 2018, NcStar are no longer exporting this or any other NcStar/Vism brakes.

So, as of March 2019, we've produced (and have in stock!) the new and improved version of this brake - the sizing and finish is vastly improved and we have added two grub screws that take out any 'play' once and for all - we are also using a quality replacement stainless steel pin - just imagine, an SKS brake without the wobble and for less than $40!

As soon as we have photographs we'll have them available for purchase...


Short Pin-On SKS Muzzle Brake.
• Attaches to the end of the barrel via the longer Front Sight Pin (provided), replaces the shorter factory front sight pin
• Three Slots located on top of the Muzzle Brake redirects the propellant gasses upwards, reducing the felt recoil
• Steel Construction
• Length: 2.1"
• Weight: 2.3 oz

Model: NcStar AMSKS