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Sks Muzzle Brake - Bolt-On - Muzzle Brakes - Ncstar - Colonel Mustard



As of Autumn/Fall 2018, NcStar are no longer exporting this or any other NcStar/Vism brakes.

So, as of March 2019, we've produced (and have in stock!) the new and improved version of this brake - the sizing and finish is vastly improved and we have added two grub screws that take out any 'play' once and for all - just imagine, an SKS brake without the wobble and for less than $40!

As soon as we have photographs we'll have them available for purchase...


Bolt-On SKS Muzzle Brake.

• Muzzle Brake fits most SKS models, bolts over the barrel and behind the Front Sight Post with a Half Ring
• Ports of the Muzzle Brake redirect the propellant gasses upwards and to the sides, reducing the felt recoil and allowing faster on-target follow-up shots
• Steel Construction
• Length: 3.9"
• Weight: 7.5 oz
• Includes mounting tools

Model: NcStar AMSKSB

Please note: Some SKS models have thinner barrels and for these you may have to shim the removable half ring at the rear of the muzzle brake in order for the clamp to be tight against the barrel and therefore removing any 'play'. The best product we have found for this is the adhesive aluminum tape used for sealing ductwork - cut it into small rectangles and build it up on the inside of the removable half ring until you achieve a sufficient thickness for your muzzle brake to be secure. This process is not required with the new Colonel Mustard version!