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Single Kydex Magazine Pouch - Belt Clip - Comp-Tac - #1 - 1911 5 Lsc R-Hand Black - Holsters And Scabbards - Comp-Tac - Colonel Mustard



As of November 2017, Colonel Mustard is proud to announce their distribution of Comp-Tac IDPA/USPSA competition kydex holsters, magazine pouches and accessories in Canada!

Comp-Tac Victory Gear has been making holsters, magazine pouches and related accessories for over 17 years. Started with the idea that holsters should provide excellent fit and function, be shipped in a short amount of time, at an affordable price with excellent customer service, Comp-Tac Victory Gear strives to give its customers only the best. Comp-Tac produces products for the most popular make and model pistols: CZ, S&W, Glock, Springfield, H&K, Sig Sauer, Walther and many more...

Single Belt Clip Magazine Pouch is designed to be ordered by size.

The most popular makes and models are listed in the charts below (sadly, we can't get a lot of these handguns here in Canada)...

1911 1911 9mm/.40/.45 Double Stack 10 Kahr MK 9 3
1911 1911 9mm/.40/.45 Single Stack 1 Kahr P 40 3
Arsenal Strike 1 11 Kahr P 45 1
Beretta 92/96/M9 11 Kahr P 9 3
Beretta PX-4 Storm 9mm/.40 24 Kahr PM 40 3
Browning Hi- Power 9mm/.40 11 Kahr PM 45 1
Colt .45 Double Stack 10 Kahr PM 9 3
Colt .45 Single Stack 1 Kimber .45 Double Stack 10
CZ 75/85 11 Kimber .45 Single Stack 1
CZ P-01 21 Kimber Solo 6
CZ SP-01 21 Ruger LC9 3
FMK 9C1G2 11 Ruger LCP 6
FN 5.7 16 Ruger SR9 12
Glock 42 15 Sig 1911 GSR 1
Glock 43 43 Sig P220 1
Glock .45 Double Stack 5 Sig P226 .40/.357 11
Glock .45 GAP 4 Sig P226 9mm 11
Glock 9mm/.40/.357 4 Sig P228 12
HK HK45 20 Sig P229 .40/.357 12
HK P2000 23 Sig P229 9mm 11
HK P2000SK 23 Sig P238 6
HK P30 23 Sig P239 .40/.357 3
HK P30L 23 Sig P239 9mm 3
HK USP Compact .40 Poly 10 Sig P290 3
HK USP Compact .40 Steel 23 Sig P320/P250 9mm/.40 12
HK USP Compact .45 Poly/Steel 10 Sig P320/P250 .45 10
HK USP Compact 9mm Steel 23 Sig P938 3
HK USP Compact 9mm Poly 10 Springfield XD .45 7
HK USP Full Size . .40/.45 Poly 10 Springfield XD 9mm/.40 11
HK USP Full Size .40 Steel 23 Springfield XDM .45 7
HK USP Full Size 9mm Poly 10 Springfield XDM 9mm/.40 24
HK USP Full Size 9mm Steel 23 Springfield XD-S .45 1
HK VP40 23 STI Eagle 5" 10
HK VP9 23 STI Edge 10
Kahr CW 40 3 SW Bodyguard .380 6
Kahr CW 45 1 SW M&P .45 17
Kahr CW 9 3 SW M&P 9mm/.40/.357 12
Kahr K 40 3 SW M&P Shield .45 13
Kahr K 45 1 SW M&P Shield 9mm/.40 19
Kahr K 9 3 Walther PPQ .45 10
Kahr MK 40 3 Walther PPQ 9mm/.40 11
Kahr MK 45 1 Walther PPS 18


The Comp-Tac single magazine pouch is an outside the waistband holder to carry a spare magazine for competition, concealed carry or general use. The Comp-Tac single is made of Kydex which provides a rigid, smooth, low friction surface for an easy, fast one-handed magazine removal. The Kydex body will not bend or stretch over time and is impervious to sweat and solvents. Complete with a tension adjustment screw the pouch allows you to carry your magazine securely while still easy to access.

The belt clip attaches to the belt with a Kydex belt clip that slides down over the belt or can have the belt fed through for easy wearing.

The Belt Clip is sized for a standard 1.5" wide belt. Need a larger belt width? Please see our Single Mag Pouch PLM.

The Comp-Tac Single Magazine Pouch with Belt Clip is IDPA, USPSA, and IPSC legal.

Not recommended for thin nylon belts. 

NOTE: These magazine pouches are reversible allowing the customer to carry their magazine with the bullets facing forward or rearward. If you order a Right Side Carry (Left handed Shooter) the retention screw will be toward the rear of the body when carried on the user’s right side.

Mag Size Mag Size Make Model
1 1911 1911 9mm/.40/.45 Single Stack 11 Arsenal Strike 1
Colt .45 Single Stack Beretta 92/96/M9
Kahr CW .45 Browning Hi- Power 9mm/.40
Kahr K .45 CZ 75/85
Kahr MK .45 FMK 9C1G2
Kahr P .45 Sig P226 .40/.357
Kahr PM .45 Sig P226 9mm
Kimber .45 Single Stack Sig P229 9mm
Sig 1911 GSR Springfield XD 9mm/.40
Sig P220 Walther PPQ 9mm/.40
Springfield XD-S .45 12 Ruger SR9
3 Kahr CW .40 Sig P228
Kahr CW 9mm Sig P229 .40/.357
Kahr K .40 Sig P320/P250 9mm/.40
Kahr K 9mm S&W M&P 9mm/.40/.357
Kahr MK .40 13 S&W M&P Shield .45
Kahr MK 9mm 15 Glock 42
Kahr P .40 16 FN 5.7
Kahr P 9mm 17 S&W M&P .45
Kahr PM .40 18 Walther PPS
Kahr PM 9mm 19 S&W M&P Shield 9mm/.40
Ruger LC9 20 HK HK45 (NOT USP .45)
Sig P239 .40/.357 21 CZ P-01
Sig P239 9mm CZ SP-01
Sig P290 23 HK P2000
Sig P938 HK P2000SK
4 Glock .45 GAP HK P30
Glock 9mm/.40/.357 HK P30L
5 Glock .45 Double Stack HK USP Compact .40 Steel
6 Kimber Solo HK USP Compact 9mm Steel
Ruger LCP HK USP Full Size .40 Steel
Sig P238 HK USP Full Size 9mm Steel
S&W Bodyguard .380 HK VP40
7 Springfield XD .45 HK VP9
Springfield XDM .45 24 Beretta PX-4 Storm 9mm/.40
10 1911 1911 9mm/.40/.45 Double Stack Springfield XDM 9mm/.40
Colt .45 Double Stack 43 Glock 43
HK USP Compact .40 Plastic
HK USP Compact .45 Plastic/Steel
HK USP Compact 9mm Plastic
HK USP Full Size . .40 Poly / .45 Poly Steel
HK USP Full Size 9mm Plastic
Kimber .45 Double Stack
Sig P320/P250 .45
STI Eagle 5"
STI Edge
Walther PPQ .45


There are two ways to put on your Single Magazine Pouch with Belt Clip. 

Thread On:

Slide the end of your belt into the clip and thread onto the belt until you reach the desired location.

Clip On:

Place the empty magazine pouch on top of your belt.
Gently push the magazine pouch down over your belt so that the clip opens naturally with the pressure of your hand.
Do NOT "pull open" the clip to slide down on top of belt. Pulling the clip open can cause cracking.

Model: Comp-Tac 10621