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Sidewinder Folding Buffer Tube Adapter - Mounting Systems - Matador Arms Corp - Colonel Mustard



Brand new from Matador Arms: The Sidewinder - an adapter that allows any platform of rifle or carbine or shotgun that uses an AR buffer tube (except AR's) to have a folding stock!
This AR buffer tube folder allows you to go compact with an ultra-solid lockup. It's lightweight, strong and reversible so that you can fold in either direction and know it'll stay put.

Please note: This is not designed for AR-15 rifles, this is a folding stock adapter designed for firearms that use AR-15 buffer tubes but don’t have a buffer and recoil spring mechanism inside it like Matador's own Sabertooth chassis for the SKS, bolt action rifle replacement chassis, shotguns, Scorpions, Vectors, pistol calibre carbines, etc.

Once installed, in order to fold your stock, you need to push the side button of the adapter. The Sidewinder will lock when folded, retaining the stock in the folded position. To unfold the stock, you need to push the hinge pin head and simultaneously unfold the stock - again it locks tight.
  1. Open the adapter and slightly loosen the two screws on the inside with one full turn on each screw, using the supplied hex key.
  2. Thread the male end into your rifle (into the female thread).
  3. Position the Sidewinder to fold left or right, as you prefer.
  4. Tighten the two screws to prevent the adapter from turning.
  5. Screw your buffer tube (not included) into the adapter.
• Solid, no-wobble construction
• Ultra strong lockup - open or closed
• Compact length in closed and open positions
• Fits Commercial or Mil-Spec AR-15/M4 buffer tubes
• Solid billet aluminum with matt black anodised finish and steel fittings
• Length Folded: 0.75"
• Length Closed: 1.25"
• Width: 1.80"
• Height: 1.40"
• Weight: 3.3 oz. (94g)
• 100% Canadian made

Model: Matador Arms MACSWAR (MAC744)


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