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Froglube Frogtube System Kit - Solvent Clp Tools - Cleaning - Froglube - Colonel Mustard



A complete weapons care system in one convenient carry tube.

Contents: 1 oz FrogLube Solvent, 4 oz FrogLube CLP Paste, 1.5 oz FrogLube CLP Squeeze Tube, Brush, Towel and applicators.

Perfect for grab and go! Toss one in your bag today!

Solvent: FrogLube Gun Cleaning Solvent dissolves carbon build up and removes petroleum-based products rapidly and efficiently. This is a great product for cleaning actions, and bores; and for preparing any metal surface for the application of FrogLube CLP. Frog Lube Gun Cleaning Solvent can be disposed of without the need for prohibitive HAZMAT controls, and poses no hazards to user.

• Bio-based, non-toxic
• Dissolves carbon build-up
• Removes petroleum-based products
• Poses no hazards to user

CLP: Non-toxic cleaner/lubricant/protectant removes powder residue, carbon, grease, and other corrosion-causing contaminants left on your firearm after firing. When applied to warm metal, FrogLube "seasons" deep into the pores of the metal. With repeated applications, it forms a slick, protective surface that reduces friction and helps prevent corrosion during storage. Once dry, it will not attract dirt and grit like petroleum-based lubricants. It causes moisture to bead on contact and roll off. Made from 100% biodegradable food-grade materials, FrogLube lubricates all points on a firearm including bolts, rails, lugs, and bearing surfaces. Can be safely applied to plastic, metal, wood, and rubber also.

Biodegradable, non-toxic lubricant that reduces friction, prevents fouling particles from bonding to metal surfaces, repels water, resists corrosion
• Sticks in/on surfaces for lasting protection
• Will not harm bluing, aftermarket finishes, wood or synthetic furniture, metal, urethane, nylon, plastic, rubber - will actually condition O-rings
• Produces a long lasting slick surface
• Reduces friction and fouling
• Protects from rust
Reusable microfibre cleaning cloth
Reusable cleaning brush
Reusable storage tube
1 oz FrogLube solvent
1.5 oz Squeeze tube of FrogLube CLP liquid
4 oz Jar of Froglube CLP Paste
Model: FrogLube FL 15200
FrogLube™ is a revolutionary bio-based gun cleaner, lubricant and preservative (CLP) product made from food-grade ingredients all obtained exclusively from US suppliers. It is a new “green” product developed for government use by San Diego-based Audemous, Inc, a company that evaluates products in the emerging environmental, safety and health sector.

FrogLube was founded by Capt. Larry Lasky, US Navy SEAL (ret), who spent the past 32 years in service to the United States Special Operations Command, Naval Special Warfare and to the U.S. soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines whose gallant performance he attributes to every success on any mission and on any battlefield he has served. After a career of uncounted operations in every environment from jungle, to arctic, to maritime and desert, he’s seen the impact of these extremes on weapons and equipment. He felt the best equipment, products and weapons always came from combining the most arduous conditions and the solutions created by the world’s best field “operators”. He’s taken this ethos into product development with FrogLube, a new technology lubricant designed to replace inferior and toxic petroleum-based products that foul actions, attract carbon and stick to dirt and grime.

Capt. Lasky’s experiences involved shooting or deploying troops who shot hundreds of thousands of rounds in every conceivable extreme environmental and tactical condition. In his experience, stoppages, misfeeds and fouling-caused malfunctions occur way too frequently and an area often overlooked became the source of his quest to develop FrogLube...