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Expert Range Bag - Urban Gray - Range Bags And Accessories - Vism - Colonel Mustard



Specifically designed for the shooter with multiple firearm systems. Large storage compartments allow easy organization and gear/ammo management. External storage compartments designed to carry spare pistol/rifle mags, cleaning equipment, while main compartment includes inserts for different calibre ammo and brass collection net. External ear muff hearing protection strap to always have earpro at the ready.

• Extremely roomy main compartment and five outer compartments you will have room for all of your accessories, ammo, magazines and whatever else you need to take to the range:

Main Center Compartment 10"W x 19"L x 9"H, End Inside pockets (2 each) 10"W x 9”H, Padded side pockets (2 Each) 18"L x 8½"H (perfect for storing handguns)

Front padded compartment for rifle (up to 4 each) or pistol (up to 8 each) magazines 15"W x 8"H. Elastic loops for rifle or pistol magazines

Rear Twin Padded Compartment with elastic loops and pockets for: a notepad, pens, shooting glasses 7¾"W x 8½"H

Side padded compartment elastic loops for rifle (up to 4 each) or pistol (up to 8 each) magazines 8¼"W x 8"H

Side padded pocket 4½"W x 8"H & Water bottle pocket

Zippered Padded Side Compartments (perfect for handgun storage) 18"L x 7½"H

• Includes Main Compartment Organizer with three removable organizer bags and brass bag:

Pull out bag with Carry Handles 6"W x 19"L x 7½"H. Center Compartment has hook and loop panels for Customizing Inside Pockets arrangement

3 Each Adjustable hook and loop Pockets 3"W x 5½"L x 7½"H

• Brass Bag with a Mesh Bottom, Adjustable Top Draw String, and with a Metal Clasp Hook 5"W x 6½"H

Small hook and loop fastener Pocket Dividers 5"L x 6"H

Top hook and loop fastener Loop for Securing Hearing Protection

Model: VISM CVERB2930U