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Blastar Magwell Funnel - Black Aluminum - Accessories/tools - Vism - Colonel Mustard



New and in stock!
NcStar/Vism are based in California and they have some pretty weird firearm regulations which has meant some, ahem, creative ways around them... we get it, they're trying to relate to their immediate shooting neighbors (sic) with the BlastAR AR-15 conversion kit. We saw it at this year's SHOT Show and tried not to snigger, then noticed the magazine well and became more interested. We asked NcStar to separate the kit so that we could buy the mag-well, nothing else, just the mag-well... finally, here it is.
  • The two piece magazine well funnel facilitates faster and smoother magazine changes
  • Magwell funnel fits over MIL-SPEC forged AR receivers
  • The mouth of the magwell funnel is beveled to help guide magazines into the magwell of the receiver
  • The magwell funnel is easily and quickly installed onto the receiver with three Allen head bolts
  • Constructed of hard anodised aluminum
  • Mounting bolts and tools included
  • Model: Vism VKARMW