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AR500 STEEL ROUND GONG - 4" - THINNER 1/4" - Colonel Mustard - https://colonelmustard.ca



Made by Range Rabbit right here in Alberta!

1/4" thick, AR500 Hardox WearPlate steel gong - 4" across. These things are still solid - but lighter and lower cost than the 3/8" thick versions!

Cannot be used with all calibres - for rimfire and lower velocity centrefire pistols only.

These thinner 1/4" thick targets are ideal for shooters of rimfire and small handgun calibres (9mm, 10mm, .40, etc.). They are less expensive, and lighter to carry into the field.

Keep in mind that if these targets are left out on a range, it's certain that someone with a rifle or magnum-calibre handgun will ruin them. They'll last for years of suitable personal use.

They come with needed fasteners (bolt/s, nut/s, washers) - you supply the chain or belts to hang them.

We have these in stock in 4", 6" and 8" - but other sizes are available to order (and available quickly as they are locally manufactured).

High-tech oval holes for half-inch carriage bolts (includes high-strength grade-8 bolts, nuts and washers).

4" and 6" round gongs have single bolt holes, 8" gongs have two bolt holes spaced at 4".

Spray-painted finish in red.

• AR500 Hardox WearPlate Steel
• Two oval holes, 4" apart for hanging hardware
• 100% Canadian made - hanging hardware made in the US
• Sold as a single gong
• Red spray-painted finish
• Includes high-strength grade-8 carriage bolts, nuts and washers
• Weight: 0.48kg including fittings and packaging

These targets should last for many years. If you think the targets did not perform to your expectation, we will replace them.

Please note: We do not charge a premium for shipping steel targets in Canada. For US or international orders, please contact us for a shipping quote.

Model: Range Rabbit RR4R14

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