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5 Gallon Solar Shower - Outdoor Equipment - Se - Colonel Mustard



When you're away from civilization and need a flowing hot water, this Solar Shower can help provide the supply! Once the sun naturally heats the water-filled bag to the desired temperature, you're ready to take a shower, wash your clothes, rinse dishes, whatever you need to do.

3 hours of direct sunlight on a 21 degree day is enough for the water temperature to reach 40 degrees!

Handy to have while camping, traveling and during any sort of emergency/survival situation.

• 5 Gallon Capacity
• Plastic Hose Length: Over 23"
• Plastic 28-hole showerhead
• Reinforced Handle with PVC pipe
• On/Off valve attached to screw-in cap for nozzle at bottom of bag
• Rope with Hook Included

Model: SE CSS5G