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International Duty Kydex Holster (Level 2) - Belt Paddle Drop Offset - Comp-Tac - Glock 19/23/32 Gen 1/2/3/4 Rsc Black - Holsters And



As of November 2017, Colonel Mustard is proud to announce their distribution of Comp-Tac IDPA/USPSA competition kydex holsters, magazine pouches and accessories in Canada!

Comp-Tac Victory Gear has been making holsters, magazine pouches and related accessories for over 17 years. Started with the idea that holsters should provide excellent fit and function, be shipped in a short amount of time, at an affordable price with excellent customer service, Comp-Tac Victory Gear strives to give its customers only the best. Comp-Tac produces products for the most popular make and model pistols: CZ, S&W, Glock, Springfield, H&K, Sig Sauer, Walther and many more...

The International Duty is an Outside the Waistband Level 2 Retention holster. The International Duty offers a modular mounting design giving the user 16 holster options in 1. With Law Enforcement grade snap and leather retention this holster will keep your firearm secure in even the most vigorous situations.

The International Duty’s all-Kydex body provides a rigid material that is custom fit to each firearm and maintains its shape even with the pistol un-holstered. The smooth, low friction surface allows for a fast draw and easy one-handed re-holstering of the firearm. The all-Kydex body will not bend or stretch over time and is impervious to sweat and solvents. The raised lettering on the front of the holster specifies the make and model your holster accommodates, so you will never forget what gun it goes with.

Mounting Configurations: The International Duty comes set up as a belt holster. The two additional mounting options are included in the packaging. 

Belt Mount: The Belt mount is the most popular holster among competition shooters, a secure hold that is designed with a curve to fit comfortably on the hip. The Belt Mount will accommodate either a 1.5" or 2" wide belt. Once belt width is widened to 2" it cannot be changed back.  

Paddle Mount: The Paddle Mount is the answer to anyone who wears many different styles of pants. You no longer will have trouble feeding the holster around your belt loops. The paddle slips over the belt and inside the waistband for a comfortable, secure fit that is quick and easy to put on or take off. With vents in the paddle portion this is a cool and comfortable option.

Drop-Offset: Comp-Tac has worked for years on the best way to fit each person’s shape and size. The drop offset is the answer. The Drop-Offset piece is specifically designed to help set the pistol away from the body and drop it to a lower position for a more comfortable draw. Designed with a cross brace to keep stable during the draw.

Cant: The holster is designed with 8 mounting holes which allow it to be configured for a straight/speed draw, an FBI cant, or a cross draw rearward cant. Easily changeable, the holster is compatible with many mounting systems offered by other holster manufacturers.

Belt Width: Mounting hardware will accommodate a 1.5" or 2" belt width, once the adjustment tab has been removed it cannot be reattached.

How to adjust your International Holster

International Holster Compatibility

The International Holster offers a modular mounting system which will work with Black-Tech Tek-Lok, Safariland ELS and Blackhawk Quick Disconnect!

For customers who use the Tek-Lok™ Single Mag Pouch or the newly released Tek-Lok AR Mag Pouch, you will be pleased to know that this mount option can also be used when carrying the International holster.

Attaching and detaching the Tek-Lok™ from the International holster is fairly simple:

• Place the open Tek-Lok mount onto the International holster body
• Line up the Tek-Lok at the desired hole position and fasten the mount to the holster using the provided 3/8" screws.
• To use this set-up with the holster canted, line up the Tek-Lok mount over the International’s mount at the desired orientation and attach using 3/8" screws. Repositioning of the Chicago nuts in the International holster body may be required.

One request we often receive from customers is a holster that is compatible with MOLLE gear.  The International answers the call by attaching to the Blackhawk!™ SERPA S.T.R.I.K.E. CQC Platform.  The SERPA S.T.R.I.K.E. is a reinforced synthetic carbon fiber co-polymer mount which is designed to provide secure attachment to MOLLE loops on vests, dropleg platforms, and other panels.  Whether you carry your MOLLE panel on a vest, backpack or range bag, this coupling provides a convenient option to secure the International for everyday use.

To attach the SERPA S.T.R.I.K.E. to the International:

• Line up the holster side of the SERPA S.T.R.I.K.E. platform with the associated holes in the holster body. Repositioning of the Chicago nuts in the holster may be necessary.
• Fasten the two pieces together using 3/8" screws provided with the International.
• To attach the holster and SERPA S.T.R.I.K.E. platform to MOLLE loops, insert the four attachment points on the platform into the desired MOLLE loops and pull up to secure the loops into the platform attachment hooks.


This particular attachment is not designed to be installed or removed quickly, however, so for those who prefer a faster method of holster removal we recommend including the Blackhawk!™ Quick Disconnect System Kit. 

This injection-molded polymer kit provides the user with a method of attaching and removing the International holster from various mounts and platforms quickly and easily, allowing the holster to be mobile and versatile to suit the needs of the user.  Mounting of the Quick Disconnect to the International is straightforward as well:

• Line up the holes of the “male” Quick Disconnect Piece with the Chicago nuts in the International holster body. Ensure that the tabs on the QD piece are facing up and that there is some separation between the tabs and the holster body (if the tabs are flush against the holster body they will not properly lock into the “female” Quick Disconnect piece).  Repositioning of the Chicago nuts may be required.
• Fasten the Quick Disconnect Piece to the International holster body using 3/8" screws.

• The “female” portion of the Quick Disconnect system can be directly attached to the surface which the holster is to be mounted to using two or more of the screw holes in the piece and the hardware provided with the system.  Ensure that the locking mechanisms are facing up to guarantee that the QD system will function correctly.
• To lock the holster into the Quick Disconnect system, line up the tabs with the associated slots in the “female” side and turn the holster clockwise.
• To remove the holster, pull up on the locking mechanisms and turn the holster counter-clockwise.

If you are looking for a thigh rig option, the International can be set up with the Blackhawk! ™ Thigh Rig.  The Thigh Rig provides a secure but flexible mount option for situations where the International may be holstering a sidearm or secondary firearm.
To attach the International to the Thigh Rig Platform:

• Position the Chicago nuts on the International body so that they occupy the two holes closest to the top of the holster as well as the second hole from the bottom.
• Line up the Chicago nuts with the associated holes on the center of the Thigh Rig platform.
• Using the Thigh Rig’s provided flat washers and 3/8" screws from the International holster, attach the holster to the Thigh Rig.


The final popular industry platform which complements the International holster is the Quick Locking System (QLS) Quick Attachment system from Safariland™.  The QLS provides a mount option designed to be attached to other industry platforms as well as stationary objects such as a bedside table or center console in a vehicle.
To attach the International to the QLS mount:

• Separate the front mounting piece of the QLS from the back plate by pushing together the tabs at the bottom of the mount until they clear the side walls of the back plate.  The front piece will then slide up and out of the back plate.
• Position the International’s Chicago nuts in the two holes second from the top and the second hole from the bottom
• Orient the QLS front piece so that the holes line up and the Safariland embossed logo on the top of the piece is facing away from the holster
• Attach the piece to the International using the holster’s provided 3/8" screws.

Whether you use your International holster for competition, concealed carry, personal defense or tactical purposes, the many mounting options which this holster allows gives you the freedom to create a set-up which works for you.  Whatever mounting option you choose to go with, know that you can attach The International - the fastest smoothest holster around!

Model: Comp-Tac 10322