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Tfx Pro - Tritium + Fibre-Optic Xtreme Handgun Sight Set - Sights - Truglo - Colonel Mustard



New from Truglo and now from Colonel Mustard!

The TFX Pro Day/Night Sights are constructed with duty or military use in mind. These sights feature both a Tritium vial for constant illumination and fibre optic rods that amplify ambient light. Not only do these sights have both Tritium vials and fibre optics, but they are hermetically sealed in a redesigned TFX capsule that provides superior protection against oils, chemicals and cleaning solvents - no more worrying about damaging your sights when cleaning!

The front sight features an orange outline, providing a contrast in colours and faster target acquisition. Rear sights features a U-notch design and an angled front face for emergency slide racking. Sight bodies are CNC machined steel and have a Truglo “fortress” finish.

TFX Pro Sights sets are Made in the USA using Swiss Tritium.

We created the original TFO® day / night sight, then made it virtually indestructible with our hermetically-sealed TFX™ sights. Now, we are taking TFX™ technology to the next level for professionals and shooters who demand maximum performance from their handguns – providing ultimate reliability, accuracy, and brightness no matter how tough things get.

  • Contrasting orange coloured 'Focus Lock' front sight ring for even faster focus
  • 24 hour visibility - no batteries required!
  • Quick and accurate U-notch rear sight design
  • Angled rear sight edge for emergency one-handed operation
  • All features of our popular TFX Handgun sights
  • Assembled in the USA with Swiss Tritium
  • Hermetically sealed TFX Capsules - maximum protection of tritium and fibre-optic elements from oils, chemicals and solvents
  • Black Steel
  • Assembled in the USA
  • 12 Year limited warranty
TG13BR1PC Beretta PX4 Storm (excluding Compact) (Front Only)
TG13CZ1PC CZ 75 Series
TG13FN1PC FNH FNP-9, FNX-9 & FNS-9 (including Compact)
TG13FN2PC FNH FNP-40, FNX-40 & FNS-40 (including Compact)
TG13GL1PC Glock 17 / 17L, 19, 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, 33, 34, 35, 38, and 39 (Excluding M.O.S. models)
TG13GL2PC Glock 20, 21, 25, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 37, 40, and 41 (Excluding M.O.S. models)
TG13GL3PC Glock 42, 43
TG13HP1PC H&K VP9, VP40, P30, P30SK, P30L, 45, & 45 Tactical (including Compact)
TG13KA1PC Kahr Arms® K, MK, P, PM, T &TP models with new dovetail (produced after 2004)
TG13KM1PC Kimber 1911 models with FIXED REAR SIGHT
TG13NV1PC 1911 models with Novak LoMount cut .260 Front / .450 Rear (1911 5" Government .45ACP)* Ruger SR1911 Models with fixed rear sight
TG13NV2PC 1911 models with Novak LoMount cut .270 Front / .450 Rear (1911 5" Government 9mm / .40 S&W)*
TG13NV3PC 1911 models with Novak LoMount cut .260 Front /.500 Rear (1911 3" Officers & 4.25" Commander .45ACP)*
TG13NV4PC 1911 models with Novak LoMount cut .270 Front / .500 Rear (1911 3" Officers & 4.25" Commander 9mm / .40S&W)*
TG13RS1PC Ruger SR9 / SR9C, SR40 / SR40C, SR45
TG13RS2PC Ruger® LC9 / 9s / 380
TG13RS3PC Ruger American 9mm and .45
TG13MP1PC S&W®M&P (including SHIELD & .22 models, excluding .22 Compact / C.O.R.E. models), SD9 and SD40 (excluding VE models)
TG13SG1PC Sig #8 Front / #8 Rear Sets - info here
TG13SG2PC Sig #6 Front / #8 Rear Sets - info here
TG13XD1PC Springfield XD, XDM (excluding 5.25" Comp Series) and XDS
TG13SM1PC Steyr Mannlicher M-A1, C-A1, S-A1, L-A1
TG13TA2PC Taurus® Millennium G2, 709 Slim, 740 Slim
TG13WA1PC Walther P99 and PPQ
TG13WA2PC Walther® PPS (except M2)
TG13WA4PC Walther® PPS M2
TG13WA3PC Walther® CCP
  • *Reference to Novak® LoMount is for compatibility use only. Novak® LoMount cut replacement sights are designed for 1911-style handguns with existing fixed Novak® LoMount dovetail cut slides, however some fitting may be required. Installation by a competent gunsmith is recommended.
  • Due to gun manufacturers’ machining tolerances, point-of-impact may differ slightly.
  • Models in italics will only be imported by special order - contact us for details.

Model: Truglo TFX Pro TG13