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Froglube Extreme - 1.5 Oz Squeeze Tube - Cleaning - Froglube - Colonel Mustard



FrogLube™ seeps deep into the micro spaces of your firearm's metal and acts as if to 'season' all areas treated with the lube. Once treated, fouling particles resist bonding to metal surfaces; instead, they easily wipe away or brush off the surface. This also applies to other loose fouling particles such as dirt, dust and sand.
FrogLube does not film, nor is it a coating. Instead it is a treatment that is absorbed throughout the firearm. It is water insoluble and will repel water and resist corrosion.
FrogLube Extreme is game changing innovation available now.
The name "EXTREME" was coined during testing when it was discovered to work in every climate from -40˚C (-40˚F) and all the way above +50˚C (+125˚F). FrogLube's new EXTREME is pourable in freezing climates and stays intact during high heat operations. 
• Remains viscous in sub-zero temperatures and does not evaporate or burn off during high heat
• Reduced fouling on tactical rifles used in high volume round counts
• Functions extremely well on 'tight action' or precision built firearms
• Can be mixed with standard FrogLube CLP™
• Convenient applicator squeeze tube packaging
• Complies with U.S. Army Field Manual / Tech Manual specifications for small arms operations and maintenance
Biodegradable, non-toxic lubricant that reduces friction, prevents fouling particles from bonding to metal surfaces, repels water, resists corrosion
• Will not harm bluing, aftermarket finishes, wood or synthetic furniture, metal, urethane, nylon, plastic, rubber - will actually condition O-rings
• Made in the USA
• 1.5 oz. squeeze tube
Model: FrogLube FL 15248
Note: Take care when applying as this is an extremely liquid product - if you turn the tube upside-down it will run out faster than you want it to!
FrogLube™ is a revolutionary bio-based gun cleaner, lubricant and preservative (CLP) product made from food-grade ingredients all obtained exclusively from US suppliers. It is a new “green” product developed for government use by San Diego-based Audemous, Inc, a company that evaluates products in the emerging environmental, safety and health sector.

FrogLube was founded by Capt. Larry Lasky, US Navy SEAL (ret), who spent the past 32 years in service to the United States Special Operations Command, Naval Special Warfare and to the U.S. soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines whose gallant performance he attributes to every success on any mission and on any battlefield he has served. After a career of uncounted operations in every environment from jungle, to arctic, to maritime and desert, he’s seen the impact of these extremes on weapons and equipment. He felt the best equipment, products and weapons always came from combining the most arduous conditions and the solutions created by the world’s best field “operators”. He’s taken this ethos into product development with FrogLube, a new technology lubricant designed to replace inferior and toxic petroleum-based products that foul actions, attract carbon and stick to dirt and grime.

Capt. Lasky’s experiences involved shooting or deploying troops who shot hundreds of thousands of rounds in every conceivable extreme environmental and tactical condition. In his experience, stoppages, misfeeds and fouling-caused malfunctions occur way too frequently and an area often overlooked became the source of his quest to develop FrogLube...