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Looking for a quality polymer 'duckbill' magazine for your SKS? Buy Canadian and get the 5/30 round polymer magazine from Baur Arms! This magazine will work with standard and aftermarket stocks - including the Mk I and Mk II Sabertooth stocks.

There's a really interesting story behind this mag... Baur Arms Inc. are based in Ontario and developed the design and the moulds to produce a polymer SKS magazine at a reasonable cost in Canada - creating Canadian jobs in the process. They started production and then a department of the police (not naming any names) told Baur that they had to stop production as they were producing a prohibited device and they were in possession of that prohibited device for the 6 seconds that it was taking to insert the rivet to convert the 30 round magazine to the Canadian-compliant 5 round magazine...

So, Baur Arms were forced to ship their Canadian moulds (where presumably they became molds as they crossed the border) to a company in the US who could produce a 30 round magazine and then choose how long they took to insert a rivet. These part Canadian, part US magazines could now be shipped back across the border where they can be legally sold and owned - obviously adding cost and waste into the selling price calculation.

Credit where credit is due to Baur Arms they have kept their margins skinny so that it is possible for Colonel Mustard to retail this awesome magazine (at least for the current shipment) at less than 35 Bucks!

There is a PostScript to this story: the first batch of magazines that came in from the States had a US-sourced spring that was just too strong - which meant that the follower was being forced up much harder than the design allowed for, which spread the feed lips of the magazine, which caused some feeding/reliability issues.

If you Google this magazine, you will see these issues will pop-up but they actually occurred several years ago. The springs have been the correct tension now for quite some time and the issues have gone away without requiring any changes to the moulds/molds.

• 7.62x39 SKS 30 round magazine, pinned to 5 rounds

• Replace your factory magazine with a removable 'duckbill' magazine

• Works well with aftermarket stocks

• Some minor fitting will most likely be required (see instructions)

• Made in the US

• 6 month Canadian warranty

• Limited by rivet to Canadian-legal 5 rounds

Weight: 225g (7.9 oz.)

Model: Baur Arms B-MAG-SKS

* We'll try to get some better pictures in due course.

"The SKS mag I purchased arrived yesterday. The old steel mag was hard to
removed but once I got it out, the Baur mag slipped right in. After
installing it a few times, I did remove some plastic burrs. That took
seconds. I think I'm better off with the Baur mag which comes off in a second or
so. Very pleased so far." - Bill, Quebec