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...to see in the dark!

We carry a range of firearms mountable and handheld flashlights from a gentle glow all the way up to 3,000 lumens!

We're excited to announce that as from August 2017 we are distributing Acebeam flashlights in Canada - amazing build quality and performance with a 5 year warranty:

EC50 Gen II - 3000 lumens, 302m beam distance, USB rechargeable!

L16 - 2000 lumens, 603m beam distance, USB rechargeable with the option of a pressure switch!

EC60 - 2000 lumens, 603m beam distance, USB rechargeable!

M20 - 150 lumens, 50m beam distance - from 1x AAA battery!

M10 - 224 lumens, 78m beam distance - from 1x AA battery!

Other brands carried are NcStar, Vism, Ultimate Survival Technologies (UST) and Condor Outdoor.