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18 Aug '14

Customer Builds

I had some pictures sent to me from one of our super-happy customers who has bought and installed some items for his Norinco M14 Shorty, so thought I would post them here. If you would like to do the same with your build, either email them or attach them to this blog - it's great to see what you do with our stuff!

This rifle has an M1A/M14 Weaver Scope Mount (MM14, $26.95); 30mm Weaver Scope Rings (RB02, $9.45) and the amazing VISM Evolution Series 6-24x50 Illuminated Scope (VEVOFP62450G, $234.95).

Interestingly, Calibre magazine have just installed a 6-24x50 illuminated reticle scope onto their Stevens project rifle - although their Vortex was more than four times the price of this Evolution Series scope! That is the reason that our customer is super-happy - he can barely believe the value that he is getting from Colonel Mustard. :)


Thank you, Brian, for sending in pics of your SKS with a Tapco stock and an SKS Bayonet fitted to the bayonet lug (ABSKS, $27.95) - very cool and now super-steady!



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